Current list of people I do freelance work for:


GoldFlakePaint – Album reviews and first listens.

American Wolf: Tales of Kamanakera / April 24th 2012

Future of the Left: The Plot Against Common Sense / June 4th 2012

Crushed Beaks / June 12th 2012

Everyone Everywhere: Everyone Everywhere / September 2nd

American Wolf: Myriad / December 21st 2012

Adverteyes: Cultures / April 18tH 2013

Dead Gaze: Dead Gaze / April 25th 2013


Wrestling Observer/Figure 4 Weekly – Weekly Television Report.


The Indie Mine

Thomas Was Alone Review / July 11th 2012

Compromised Review / July 25th 2012

Unstoppable Fist Review / August 3rd 2012

Sententia Review / September 18th 2012

Ball of Woe ReviewMarch 20th 2013

Thomas Was Alone: released this week on the PS Store April 22nd 2013


Game Vogue

Spelunky Review / July 17th

Sleeping Dogs Review / September 1st



Fighting Spirit Magazine

PCW Festive Fury – Review: Issue 78

IPW:UK Revolution at the Troxy – Live Review: Issue 80

Sports Psychology – Article: Issue 83


Single Player Mode – My Youtube channel where I review, showcase and play through games.

Offspring Fling – Showcase: March 2012

Journey – Playthrough: March 2012


Talk Show Hosts – Lovers – A music video I created / May 2012


Analog Shtick – A podcast dedicated to video games.

Faces For Radio – A weekly Football/Wrestling/General podcast I co-host – with a dash of profanity thrown in.


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